logotipo abcon

Public Water and Sewer Services joins private companies that provide public water and basic sanitation services, as well as other companies in the civil construction and infrastructure sectors.

ABCON’s mission is to foster and promote private participation in public water and sewer services, in addition to representing and advocating for the interests of its members, according to governmental guidelines and principles aimed at preserving public health and protecting the environment. This is done by exercising the following activities:

  • Providing programs, studies, and research favoring progress and technological innovation in the sector, geared towards guaranteeing excellence in the quality of services and products;
  • Representing the private segment at the federal, state and municipal levels, before the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and in relation to the market and civil organized society;
  • Sponsoring studies, research, and events on matters related to preserving the environment and public health;
  • Promoting initiatives to strengthen to basic sanitation and environmental industry in Brazil, with a view to providing services at a high degree of quality and efficiency;
  • Cooperating with and supporting initiatives by government, regulatory, technical, scientific, and corporate agencies, in Brazil and abroad, aimed at in-depth contributions to the debate on the country’s sanitation sector and possible approaches to universalization of services essential to public health, quality of life, and environmental protection.

Our Vision

ABCON and SINDCON want to be recognized by society, by sanitation industry agents, and by governments as organizations that strive for a standard and the quality of their institutional representation, based on ethical and reputable principles, working towards development of the industry and promoting private operations that act effectively, transparently, fairly, and universally.

Our Values

ABCON and SINDCON should act with professionalism and industry involvement, making actions public and working transparently and ethically.

Our Principles

The principles espoused by ABCON and SINDCON are:

  • Respect for the democratic principles of free enterprise, free association, and autonomy of unions;
  • Permanent incentives and support for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and solutions among its members;
  • Attention to observing laws, standards, regulations, and agreements that govern the activity;
  • Encouragement of initiatives aimed at technical enhancement and professional training;
  • APromotion of social, economic, and environmental development and of the most democratic and greatest socio-economic development of the country.