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    This is an exclusive and secure communication channel for receiving complaints regarding conduct that may present (actual or potential) breaches of ABCON’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. All information registered here will be received, investigated and analyzed by the Ethics Committee of the entity, ensuring the confidentiality and proper referral of each situation, as well as the anonymity of the complainant, if he so chooses. ABCON further guarantees non-retaliation to the complainant in good faith for any conduct reported here.

    In order for the Ethics Committee to determine the complaints received in a more objective manner, the complainant is requested to provide details of the reported conduct (such as: persons involved, possible witnesses, date and place of reported conduct, among other information that he / she understands applicable ). The appropriate measures resulting from the denunciations shall be decided and taken at the sole discretion of the entity, subject to the provisions of its internal rules.


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