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  • 1996 – ABCON (Brazilian Association of Private Concessionaires of Public Water and Sewage Services).
  • 2001 – SINDCON (National Union of Private Concessionaires of Public Water and Sewage Services)


  • Promote participation of private companies in the water and sewage industry.
  • Train private concessionaires for high performance and sustainability of services.

Number of Members
106 members (Companies and SPEs)


  • Private initiative found in 269 municipalities, including full and partial concessions, PPPs and asset rental.
  • Beneficiaries: 25 million people (directly and indirectly).

Overview of Water Treatment

  • 34.3 million Brazilians have no running water, one-third of who live in urban areas.
  • 52% of the population has no access to the sewer system.
  • Only 38% of sewage generated is treated.
  • 118.2 million Brazilians do not have sewage treatment; of this total, 85.3 million do not even have appropriate sewage collection.


  • Need for investment, according to Plansab: BRL 304 billion by 2033 (BRL 15.2 billion/year for the next 20 years).
  • In the last 10 years, BRL 7.06 billion/year was invested. If this pace is maintained, universalization will only be achieved in 2055.

Private initiative investments in water treatment:

  • Investments made in 2012 – BRL 959 million
  • Investments made by 2011 – BRL 4.4 billion
  • Total invested: BRL 5.4 billion
  • Investments expected by 2017 – BRL 6.7 billion