Private Sector Figures

ABCON and SINDCON are comprised of:
106 members (including Holdings and SPEs)
The private sector benefits approximately:
25 million Brazilians with Water Supply and Sewer services
15 million Brazilians with water supply services
15 million Brazilians with sewer services
The private sector is found in: 269 Municipalities
*Data updated in JUL/2013
70% being small municipalities
5,000 and under
5,001 to 10,000
Greater than 500,000
The private sector has approximately:
234 Contracts
3 Asset Rental Services
8 PPPs
25 Partial Concessions
78 Other Modalities
120 Full Concessions
Investments total approximately:
BRL 23 billion committed in current contracts
BRL 6.5 billion planned for the next 5 years
BRL 5.5 billion invested from 1995 to 2012
BRL 959 million invested in 2012 alone